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Shiva Singh Panwar

Shiva Singh Panwar

Team Lead, Digital Marketing & Communications

Escapes 🏃

  • Books, more books and Netflix.

Also Responds To 👂

  • BJ
  • Singh

Fun Facts 😆

  • Can teach secondary-level Science, Maths & Social Science.
  • Spends countless hours on Google Street View
  • Always keeps at least 2 pairs of earphones.

Anatomy 💪

  • 30% each of Ross, Don Draper and Maggie Simpson.
  • 10% Bojack Horseman.

Known Predators 👽

  • Yet to come across some.

Words Often Used 🗣

  • Leave it to me.
  • Looks/sounds great!

Identifying Marks 🆔

  • Hysterical laughs
  • The most basic haircut on earth.

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What He Thinks

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