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Akanscha Srivastava

Akanscha Srivastava

Team Lead, Planning

Yes, her name is spelled with a C. Get over it. You’ll find her the happiest in the kitchen, on the drivers seat and well, on stage. She loves Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Currently, she’s bingeing on Bojack Horseman.

Escapes πŸƒ

  • Making reels. She's an influencer. She influences my mom.

Also Responds To πŸ‘‚

  • Akku
  • Kaun tha jisne Pooh ko mudke nahi dekha? How dare you?

Fun Facts πŸ˜†

  • You can see her in advertisements. Oh, she acts.
  • She has an iron rod in her face
  • Jackie Shroff once hit on her! She has his number, sach mein Bhidu.

Anatomy πŸ’ͺ

  • 20% Madhubala
  • 80% Drunken Madhubala

Known Predators πŸ‘½

  • People who think women can’t drive

Words Often Used πŸ—£

  • Haanji

Identifying Marks πŸ†”

  • Mole on the cheek

A GIF That Describes Him πŸ”₯

What He Thinks

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